Charlotte Cory

Visitorian Fashionista Events

Colour me, colour me, colour me do,

Bright red the bonnet, then a crinoline blue

Violet the cape, its big ruffles too,

Lavender ribbons and soft peach the shoe -

We have crayons aplenty and pictures to view

Oh, colour me, colour me, colour anew,

Colour me, colour me, colour me do!

Invitation to the Grand Opening of the Colour Me, Colour Me!  at the Exhibitionist Hotel in Kensington London, February 13th - April 8th 2018, where attendees (ie YOU if you would like to come) will be invited to try their hand at a touch of colouring and (if that isn't tempting enough) to enjoy a glass (or two) of Colonel Fox's Inestimable London Dry Gin with Charlotte Cory's artwork on the label (see below):

A bottle of Colonel Fox - available at all the best establishments