Charlotte Cory

The Visitorian Emporium

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A fine selection of original Charlotte Cory artworks are available from the Woolff Gallery, Charlotte Street, London W1.  Please feel free to enquire what they currently have on offer....

Visitorians at the Soane - a beautifully produced 2017 Calendar from the Sir John Soane's Museum features Visitorians enjoying looking round the Museum.  

Autumn 2016:

Oh my goodness - first of all there was the fabulous wallpaper (see one of the designs below) and now...  Look at these six Visitorian cushions that the Graduate Collection have just brought out.  Left is Charlotte Cory's signature card on the back of each cushion and below are the choice of designs.  Advice to anyone wondering which to buy:  get one of each!  Your sofa deserves no less...  A special offer to anyone on this website - quote CORY30 to get 30% off!!!

The cushions are all the same size but here is the Tsarina looking very formidable.  With one glance, she is guaranteed to stop anyone spilling crumbs or red wine on the upholstery...

New &  exciting - The Graduate Collection have produced a range of magnificent Charlotte Cory wallpapers

The one on the left is named after Jollyboy one of the dogs featured in the montage.  Details on how to purchase this and the Visitorian wallpaper - and notes on the inspiration behind the designs - will be available here shortly

Charlotte Brontë at the Soane - Exhibition curated by Charlotte Cory.  Lots of lovely bespoke souvenirs available from the Sir John Soane's wonderful shop including a magnificent Visitorian 2017 calendar

May, 2015 - Limited Edition Princess Charlotte mugs - part of the Royal Visitorian collection - available now!  The Sir John Soane's Museum shop currently have a few, tel (00 44) 0207 440 4257  ALL SOLD OUT

A range of small (postable) Visitorian items, Charlotte Cory books and unusual curios coming soon...  but in the meantime please go to the Sir John Soane's Museum shop where can buy all manner of Charlotte Cory items created exclusively for them including Christmas cards, limited edition silk handkerchiefs and scarves, Christmas pudding mugs and some wonderful new Visitorian fashion prints at extremely reasonable prices.  If you are in London it is best to visit the Museum (which is FREE!) but if you can't get to Lincoln's Inn Fields, they have an excellent online shop

Snip 'n Sew Lucy doll - these are a Visitorian limited edition rag doll made specially for the Capturing the Brontës exhibition.  A few left to snip and sew - perfect activity for a wet winter evening?  Actually we have discovered that most people who buy the Lucy Doll frame her without the bother of cutting and sewing!  A cheap and unusual print.