Charlotte Cory

The Visitorians in Newcastle

Featuring Who Threw the Varnish?  a Visitorian investigation into the scandalous desecration of the first oil painting John Martin exhibited at the Royal Academy and a celebration of the Lightbulb Moments of Sir Joseph Swan (below left), inventor of the incandescant lightbulb, amongst other things.  Other things including....  this was an Arts Council Commission at the Discovery Museum, September 2016 - May 2017

Page under construction - here you will learn the full story of the great Newcastle inventor Sir Joseph Swan's inspirer, the great Newcastle artist Visitorian John Martin, an Arts Council Commission as part of the Discovery Museum's "Fabricating Histories" Exhibition, November 15th, 2016 - May 19th 2017.  To save paper, the accompanying booklet to the picture of the great Sir Joseph (left) - (John Martin himself always wrote accompanying booklets to his pictures so it is important to carry on the tradition) will be posted here on this site...