Charlotte Cory

Visitorians in France - Les Visiteurs en France

Just Visiting France -  Photographs of Charlotte Cory

Charlotte Cory likes to tell stories, whether with words or with pictures. Alongside his work as a novelist, she developed a unique visual work made from old photographs purchased at flea markets and its own images. Fascinated by the Victorian era that saw the birth of photography in France and Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in England , the English invented the word Visitorian - carte de visite of contraction and the Victorian adjective - for qualify his photos-paintings that depict characters funny.

Touch all engineering, Charlotte Cory is defined both as a writer and as an artist. At home, everything is linked. Does not it consider that each of his photos tells a story? But do not count on it to tell you, it leaves each one to discover and interpret. At first glance, the characters that inhabit his images built as tables are confusing. Is it to humans with animal heads or animal flanked human body? Neither one nor the other, she answers, stating that it invented a new genre. 

By replacing human heads by those animals, Charlotte Cory tries to intrigue us. It encourages us to scan the picture and examine every detail - gloves, umbrellas, jewelry, decor ... - to stir our curiosity: who was the person on the original photo? She invites us and a trip back in time - in the nineteenth century - the Victorian era that is dear to him. This trip is through business cards photos she collects a long time and have both popularized photography and contributed to its democratization. From 1859 in France as in England, everyone hurries in fact to the photographer to make their portrait. And for the occasion you put your best clothes. 1859 is also the year of the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, the English naturalist author famous early work on the evolution of species. Charlotte Cory, it is no coincidence: " These two events are fundamental to the people of that time as a side with photography they won immortality knowing they had let a picture x after death and, on the other, they lost e discovering they were not the creature s created in the image of God but they simply were animals , "explains-t- she.

With Visitorians , Charlotte Cory develops blurs the addition because the characters, it also modifies the original photographs in depth by adding images she carries herself as a decorative element, the decor itself , clothing, etc., via digital collages. Welcome to the wonderful and disturbing world of Charlotte Cory!

Sophie Bernard, 2016