Charlotte Cory

Visitorian Society Newsletter

Christmas 2016

Charlotte Cory Christmas Cards now available from the Sir John Soane's Museum shop.  Hurry, hurry while stocks last!  Previous years' cards have now sold out and are collectors' items!

A Visitorian in the Dark Room

Visitorian Society News -  Summer 2015

A selection of new Charlotte Cory's Artworks are on sale at the Affordable Art Fair, in Hampstead, 11-14 June 2015 with JAMM GALLERY.  Speak to Amy Frost or Jemma Hickman

Spring 2015

What a terrible winter it has been - Charlotte Cory broke her wrist tripping on a higgeldy-piggeldy London pavement which severely curtailed activities.  So if you think the site has not been updated for a while, this will explain.  BUT nothing in life is wasted and Charlotte is now busy putting together a collage of Visitorian hands - the process of healing being long and slow certainly focuses the mind on all that we take for granted. The complex structure of our hands being one of them.  ​

The Institute of Advanced Visitorian Studies now has its own facebook page:

Not much happening there at present (!) but watch the space for astonishing developments in 2015!