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Colonel Fox - a biography

He who fought with Wellington at Waterloo, escorted Napoleon to his exile on Elba, organized heroic campaigns in Australia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, rescued Livingstone from the clutches of a crocodile on the Zambezi and broke many a maiden's heart in the ballrooms of Paris, Calcutta and London - Colonel Fox picked up recipes for his celebrated gin during his travels and retired to run the Pleasure Gardens at Cremorne at the high point of their popularity in 1859 - when his gin cocktails attracted attention across the globe. Even Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were known to drop in on Colonel Fox for one of his Colonel's Specials... (and to listen to his stories - some do say that Her Imperial Majesty learnt more about her Empire from the Colonel than from any of her assiduously tactful cabinet ministers or provocatively prevaricating Foreign Office officials.

The creation of Colonel Fox’s fantastic traditional gin involves the use of six botanicals, including a healthy hit of juniper, with a sweet back note of liquorice. The entire production process including distillation and bottling takes place in London, and the gin is produced in modest batches of 1000 beautifully designed bottles.

Colonel Fox's London Dry Gin is manufactured on the banks of the Thames by Cremorne 1859 and is available now at all the best retailers (of course) including Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge, London and online from Soho Wines in Percy St, London W1.  We are reliably informed that it can be enjoyed at Claridges​...

"You will often taste worse - You will never taste better!"

The boys make it onto primetime tv:

It was only a matter of time before Colonel Fox's great friend and arch rival in all matters alcoholic, not to mention bucolic, Gentleman Badger, decided to produce his own concoction viz Gentleman Badger's Wild Blackthorn Sloe Gin.  

Branwell Brontë's Ruin - a gin cocktail served at the Gilbert Scott Bar, St Pancras, 2012